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Volume XV

MJH Volume XV

The Winter 2019 edition features the following articles:

  • Reclaiming the City: Urban Renewal and Policing in Detroit 1967-1977 (Kenneth Alyass, Wayne State University)
  • The Sacrifice for Cultural Tolerance: Asian Women and Domestic Violence in Multicultural Britain (Emily Bacon, University of Michigan)
  • Politics, America, and Sex: What Could Go Wrong? The Orange County Right Wing and the Battle Over Progressive Education (Emma Bianco, University of California – Berkeley)
  • “But He Can’t Work in Stockton”: El Malcriado and the United Farm Workers’ Shifting Border Politics (Samantha Chomsky, Brown University)
  • “This Beautiful Promise Land”: Nicodemus and the Future, 1877-1880 (Claire Mcmahon Fishman, Brown University)
  • A Study in Kashmir: Partition to Special Status (Ilina Krishen, University of Michigan)
  • Non-Aligned Feminism: Representing a “Third World” in the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, 1947-1951 (Natalie D. McDonald, Pomona College)
  • “The Great Popular Heart” in Civil War North Carolina (William Bryson Penley, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
  • The Black Panther Party: Violence, Black Identity, and Legacy (Jessica Selzer, University of Michigan)
  • Two Left Feet: The Balancing Act of Leftist Interests in the Salford Labour Party, 1924-1929 (Andrew Yang, University of California – Berkeley)