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Volume XII

Winter 2016 (Volume XII, Issue I)

The Winter 2016 edition features the following articles:

  • Out of Thin Air: Poisonous Gas and the Genesis of the Military Laboratory During World War I (Ari Feldman, University of Chicago)
  • The Revolution That Never Was: How the FBI Ignored the Differences Which Kept the New Left and Black Civil Rights Movements Divided (Carl Helstrom, University of Michigan)
  • Postcolonial Politics: Korean “Comfort Women” and Japanese Reparations (Chloe Nurik, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Forced Sterilization and the Racial Politics of “Choice” (Claire Shennan, Brown University)
  • 21st Century Maoists: Leftist Militancy and the Politics of Anachronism in Postcolonial South Asia (Connor Liskey, University of Michigan)
  • Playing with a Purpose on the Home Front Stage: A Study of the Social Functions of Theatrical Performance in London during the First World War (Holly Dayton, Stanford University)
  • International Image and the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil (Jasmine Kirby, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • From Lord Lugard to Mohammad Yusuf: The Development of Nigerian Views toward Western Biomedicine, 1900-2015 (Laura Leddy, University of Virginia)
  • Kashmiriyat: The Disputed Identity of a Disputed Territory (Muskan Mumtaz, University of Virginia)
  • A Tale of Two Cemeteries: The Paris Commune, the Haymarket Affair, and the Politics of Memorialization (Paige Pendarvis, University of Chicago)
  • Civil Rights in New Rochelle: A Case Study (Tamar Rothstein, University of Pennsylvania)