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Volume XIII

Winter 2017 (Vol. XIII, Issue I)

The Winter 2017 edition features the following articles:

  • Paid by the Rich: Carriages and the Birth of Progressive Federal Taxation, 1794-1816 (Parker Abt, Yale University)
  • Tranquilized, Exoticized, Not to be Homogenized: Canada’s National Identity in the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Advertising Campaigns (Olivia Armandroff, Yale University)
  • The Fight for Water and Life: Popular Participation in Cochabamba’s Water War (Abigail Austin, George Washington University)
  • Titian and the Black Page Portrait: Race and Power in the Venetian Renaissance (Lydia Breska, Brigham Young University)
  •  Dressing for Success: The Political Role of Fashion in the WSPU’s Suffrage Campaign (Brigitte Dale, Brown University)
  • India-Pakistani Divergence: The Forming of Two Different Politics (Vamsi Damerla, Swarthmore College)
  • Print, Plants, and Piracy: Botanic Herbals and the Emergence of Intellectual Property (Emelia Lehmann, Brown University)
  • Quattrocento Florence’s Humanistic Ideals Portrayed Through Architecture (Rachel Holcomb, University of North Carolina)
  • Protestant Persuasion: Anne Boleyn’s Influence on the Protestant Reformation (Tarilyn Medlar, Mount St. Vincent University)
  • Ping Pong Diplomacy: Impacts on Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and China(Ellen Miller, University of North Carolina)
  • The Immobilization of the Roman Government in the 5th Century and Its Consequences (Collin Parks, University of Michigan)
  • Perceptions on KKK Violence in the Late Insurrectionary South: United States Congress Joint Select Committee Reports and Testimonies 1871-72 (Rohin Patel, University of Michigan)
  • The Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan: A Genocidal Perspective (Chris Riehl, Western Kentucky University)
  • “A Malthusian Reckoning”: The Economic State of Fourteenth-Century Europe (Robert Yee, Vanderbilt University)