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Winter 2014 (Volume X, Issue II)

An online copy of the Journal may be accessed at this link: Michigan Journal of History Winter 2014 Edition

The Winter 2014 edition features the following articles:

  • Road Blocks to Suffrage (Daisy Dowdall, Wellesley College)
  • Legend and Legacy: A Rhetorical History of Lewis and Clark (Jake Sonnenberg, Stanford University)
  • Labor Politics and Historical Memory of 1989 (Jack Fuller, University of Michigan)
  • Leading from the  Front: An Analysis of What Made a Successful Civil War Unit (Ian Gorham, University of Michigan)
  • The Warsaw Ghetto and the Shanghai Ghetto (So Yeon Jeong, Wellesley College)
  • The Men of Creedmoor Rifle Range (Lindsay Sovern, Brown University)
  • How American Energy Dependence Sparked al-Qaeda’s War on the United States (Ben Gottesdiener and David Sutter, Washington University in St. Louis)
  • The Evolution of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in American Cinema and Culture (Patrick Van Hackeling, Swarthmore College)
  • Journey of Mad Scientists (Marcus Nappier, University of Virginia)
  • The Inescapable Politics of Identity (Sarah Pauling, University of Michigan)
  • The Mass Lynching of Italians in 1891 New Orelans: Marking Italians as Racially “Dago” (Nicholas Borkowski, Swarthmore College)

Fall 2013 (Volume X, Issue I)

An online copy of the Journal may be accessed at this link: Michigan Journal of History Fall 2013 Edition

The Fall 2013 edition features the following articles:

  • “This Time for Africa”: FIFA, Politics, and South Africa’s Struggle for Human Rights (Taylor Henley, Duke University)
  • Policy of Fear: FBI COINTELPRO Operations Conducted Against Black Nationalist Groups (Zachary Determan, University of Michigan)
  • The Cinema of Moral Anxiety (Mario Goetz, University of Michigan)
  • Challenging Jim Crow: Desegregation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Hannah McMillan, University of North Carolina)
  • The Turning of Chinese Patriotic Education (Jiaqi Fan, Wellesley College)
  • Provincial Influences on Loyalist Writings (Kasey Sease, University of Virginia)
  • Parrish S. Lovejoy Collection–Michigan’s Conservation Moment: Post-Progressive Era (Jennifer Ross Durow, University of Michigan)
  • Wheatland of Wrath: A Tale of 20th Century Agricultural Labor and Historical Memory (Sarah Sadlier, Stanford University)
  • Mass Pilgrimage and the Christological Context of the First Crusade (Burt Westermeier, University of North Carolina)


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